BOOKED same-day appointments

Kindly note, we are not your typical walk-in clinic. In order to better serve our demographic of patients we offer booked same day appointments. Depending on our schedule we may or may not be able to accommodate patients who walk-in without a booked appointment. We reserve the right to stop taking walk-in patients without an appointment, if our schedule is busy.

If you need to see a physician as a walk-in patient, please be advised you MUST book an appointment through our online booking portal.  Please follow the steps below.

1. Visit our Online Booking Portal.

2. Select Dr. Sidi Salami

3. Select "Walk-in"

4. Select your preferred date and time

5. Provide all requested information to create an account (please keep this login information for future use. If you already have an account click "sign in".

6. Provide the reason for your appointment (please note one issue per visit)

7. Submit your request.

8. You will receive an initial text message and email stating your request has been 'received'. Once you request has been reviewed you will receive an additional text message and email stating whether it has been 'accepted' or 'rejected'.

9. If your request has been rejected please login to your account to view the reason for rejection. Due to confidentiality matters this reason will not be stated on the text message or email.

Walk-in appointments are for acute care issues only (urinary tract infections, minor injuries etc.)
The walk-in physician will address one issue during each visit. If you have additional issues, please book an appointment with your family physician or return to the clinic for another walk-in appointment.

Missed Walk-in appointments are subject to a $40 No-Show fee.
24 Hour (business day) Cancellation policy also applies.


Cancellation Policy
Booked walk-ins are considered booked appointments and are subject to the same policies. Cancellations for booked walk-ins must be made at least 24 business hours in advance, by phone or in person, with a live individual. Answering machine messages will not be accepted.  Cancellations less than 24 business hours may be subject to a fee, depending on the appointment type.

Late Appointment Policy
If a patient is more than 5 minutes late, that will be considered a missed appointment and the appropriate fee will apply.

OHIP Policy
A valid health card is required for all OHIP visits. If your health card is invalid or expired, a fee will be charged, which may later be reimbursed with the proper valid documentation.

Prescription Refill
Please note that if your prescription was not originally given by one of our physicians, it is NOT considered a ''refill", and it is to the discretion of the physician to prescribe the medication. Our walk-in clinic does not fill prescriptions for: Narcotics, Controlled Substances, Anti-psychotics, Anti-depressants, and performance enhancing drugs including Viagra and Cialis.