Prescription Renewals Without Seeing Your Family Doctor

If you cannot come to the clinic to see your doctor, you may have the option of requesting a renewal of an existing/current prescription issued by your current family physician at WellOne.

The fee for prescription renewals without a visit is $25 and must be paid over the phone with a credit card. 

Please note that if you require a prescription for a new medication, or are requesting a change in the dosage of an existing medication, you MUST book an appointment to see your physician.

How do I Request a Prescription Renewal?

If you wish to request a prescription renewal, please contact your pharmacy and ask them to fax a renewal request directly to the clinic. Once the request has been received it will be forwarded to your physician, if your physician approves the renewal, we will contact you for payment information. Once your payment has been received the prescription will be faxed back to your pharmacy and available to pick up.

How long will it take?

Please allow a couple of business days for your request to be processed and returned to the pharmacy as your doctor receives a high volume of correspondence daily.  Kindly take this processing time into account, and be sure to request prescription renewals at least one week before your medication runs out.

Will there be a cost for this?

Renewal of prescriptions without seeing your physician is not a service that is covered by OHIP. Accordingly, there will be a $25 charge for this service.

Why Did My Doctor Reject my Prescription Renewal Request?

In certain circumstances prior to renewing you medication, your physician may want to examine or assess you in person. This is to ensure that your current medication and dosage are still working for you and in your best interest. In such cases, we will notify you or your pharmacist that the physician has requested to see you before the prescription can be renewed.