Report Updated OHIP Information

Once you renew or replace your health card, the 2 character version code at the end of your OHIP number will change. Unfortunately, this information is not transmitted to us by the Ministry of Health. In order to ensure we have your most updated OHIP information and to avoid out-of-pocket costs due to an invalid / expired health card, please use the form below to notify us of changes to your OHIP information. Alternatively, you can call our clinic and provide the information to one of our receptionists. Please note this form is for existing patients only.

Health Number and Version Code

Here is how to find your health number and version code on your OHIP Card. The 10 digits (e.g. 5584486674) is your health number; the two characters (e.g. YM) is your version code


Provide your new Ohip information

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Patient Name
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Updated Expiry Date
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Request a refund
If you were recently had to pay out-of-pocket for any appointments due to an expired OHIP card, please provide the corresponding invoice number(s) below. If this information is provided, we will retroactively seek reimbursement from the government for the cost of your appointment(s) so that we can refund your payment(s) (less our non-refundable administrative fees). If you are not seeking reimbursement please leave this field blank.