I was referred to a specialist, whats next ?

Should you require a referral to a specialist, your physician will directly fax the referral form to the appropriate specialist. Sometimes the specialist’s office will contact you to set up your appointment. Alternatively, some offices send us your appointment confirmation and we contact you to provide you with the details.

Please note that sometimes we receive appointment confirmations very close to the date of the actual appointment, therefore it is vital that we are able to contact you. In the event that we are not able to reach you by phone or through voicemail, we will attempt to email you (if you have provided us with your email) to notify you that you of your upcoming appointment. 

While we try our best to organize specialist referrals and hospital investigations in a timely manner, please note that wait times are often long. Should you not hear from us or the specialist in regards to your appointment or hospital investigation within two months (or earlier for urgent matters), please contact our clinic about the status of your referral.