OHIP Coverage ?

Do I need OHIP ?

  •  All patients covered under Ontario Health Insurance Plan are required to present a valid OHIP card to ALL medical visits, photocopies, scans, or pictures will not be accepted. If you fail to show a valid OHIP card upon your visit you will have to pay a fee of $100 to see the doctor. If it is later determined that you were eligible for OHIP coverage on that service date, this fee will be reimbursed with the proper valid documentation. Please note while OHIP provides coverage for a vast majority of services, some medical and administrative services are not covered and will require payment. Please refer to our Uninsured Services fees.

  • Residents of other Canadian provinces except Quebec are covered by the Ontario government but must provide their respective provincial health cards together with a photo ID, should the health card not have one.  

  • Unfortunately, residents of Quebec and non-Canadian residents are not covered by the Ontario government; in order to see a doctor a fee of $100 for a regular medical visit will be charged to the patient. Additional charges for medication, vaccination and lab tests may apply. Official receipts are provided for reimbursement purposes. For more information regarding our fees please refer to our Price List