Sleep is essential for good mental and physical health. Many people have trouble shutting  their brains off at night, especially with the increased use of electronics such as cell phones.  In an article  on psychcentral.com, Dr. Epstein and sleep specialist Stephanie Silberman, PH.D, share their insight into getting a good night's rest. 

1. Realize Sleep is Essential

2. Have a Regular Sleep Schedule

3. Create a Pre-Sleep Routine 

4. Write Down Your Worries Earlier in the Day

5. Use Your Bed for Sleep and Intimacy

6. Create an Optimal Environment

7. Busy Your Brain with Mental Exercises

8. Focus on the Positive

9.Practice Relaxation Exercises

10. Participate in Physical Exercises

11. Thinking About What's Stealing Your Sleep and Boosting Your Anxiety

12. See a Sleep Specialist 

To read the full article with details, go to http://psychcentral.com/lib/12-ways-to-shut-off-your-brain-before-bedtime/