My health card was expired and I had to pay for my visit, how can I get a refund?


As government funded health care providers, our physicians are only compensated for the provision of services if your OHIP coverage is valid, ensuring you have valid coverage is critical. Consequently, should you require an appointment but have failed to renew your coverage, you will be charged a non-OHIP Medical Visit fee of $100 plus a non-refundable administrative fee of $10 to cover transaction, processing, reconciliation and administrative expenses.

The fee for the medical visit less the non-refundable administrative fee will be reimbursed once you provide us, within ONE MONTH of your appointment, with your new OHIP information along with a letter of eligibility from Service Ontario. This letter can be obtained from Service Ontario when you go to renew your health card; it confirms your eligibility for coverage for the date of service in question.

If you are unable to obtain a letter of eligibility from Service Ontario, please complete the form below, within one month of your appointment, to request reimbursement of any amounts paid by you out-of-pocket for that appointment due to an expired OHIP card.

Using this information we can immediately submit the retrospective claims to seek reimbursement from the government for the cost of your appointment. Upon receiving the reimbursement from the government we will provide you with a refund for the original amount paid, less the non-refundable administrative fee. Kindly note that while refunds can be claimed within one month of the appointment, the sooner we are notified of your updated OHIP information and request for reimbursement, the sooner we will be able to reimburse you.

Please Note: Refunds are only available for any amounts paid by you out-of-pocket for an appointment due to an expired OHIP card. There are no Refunds for Uninsured Services, Forms, Notes, etc.