Where Can I Get My Test Done?

Blood Test or ECG

For your convenience and in order to ensure all of your medical needs are taken care of in one place, WellOne Medical Centre has an on-site laboratory provided by LifeLabs. Our lab is equipped to collect various samples under the supervision of your physician. Our lab hours are from 12pm – 6pm Monday to Friday. Unfortunately our lab is not a public lab and we cannot accept requisitions from outside of our clinic.

If your physician has given you a requisition to do blood and/or urine and/or ECG tests, and should our lab not be of convenience to you, you can go to any bloodwork lab within Ontario to get the tests done. We recommend that you go to a CMLGamma-Dynacare or Lifelabs lab if possible as these labs send results electronically.

For your convenience, a map of laboratories near our clinic is shown below. Usually appointments for such tests are not needed, however we recommend you call the lab beforehand. Also, please remember to take your OHIP card each time you go to the lab.


Imaging Test

If you have been given a requisition for imaging tests (x-rays, mammograms, ultrasound, etc.) which can be done at any outpatient imaging centre, this link outlines locations near our clinic. Usually these tests can be done at any imaging centre in Ontario. Please note that this does not apply to tests your physician has arranged at a specific site or hospital, for example a CT scan at Mount Sinai or an MRI at Sunnybrook; these tests must be performed at the arranged locations.