RULES OF CBT Program at


1. Exercise


RULE #1: 

Engage in 30 minutes of exercise daily. Having an "active lifestyle" and "walking" everywhere doesn't count here. If you are sweating, you are doing it right. 

2. SLeep


RULE #2:

Follow sleep hygiene rules. Sleep is the most important part of your mental health. CBT will help retrain your mind and body to get on a regular sleep routine. This takes time and patience. 


3. Organize


RULE #3: 

Get an agenda. Get organized. Get well. Everyone needs to have a meaningful purpose in life, and an agenda will help you find it. 

4. No drinking

RULE #4:

That's right, one of the hardest rules to accept. No drinking for the duration of therapy. No negotiation. Alcohol is a depressant. Enough said. See video...

5. No drugs

RULE #5: 

No drugs. No ganga. No puffing the dragon. No weed. Just say no to drugs. Not even on weekends.